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Adult Acrylic Innovations 4week Course
Allow Art Cellar to assist you in making the next step in your painting enrichment with a 4 week acrylic innovations course. Acrylic Innovations with

Students will explore numerous techniques for manipulating this challenging medium. The class will cover several blending techniques that will allow the student to achieve beautiful highlights and shadows in their work. There will also be time spent on alternative practices that are “outside of the box” or unconventional, that Craig has developed over the past 20+ years. The class will also shine light on painting basics including mixing, mediums and color theory.
Students will be taught specific techniques through lead instruction and guidance for the first project. This course is geared towards beginners / intermediate, and sometimes even versed painters who want a break down of my approach to things.
Students will need:
• At least Graduate grade acrylic paints. Colors should be at least primaries, secondaries and brown, black and white.
• spray bottle.
• Cotton T-shirt rag material.
• You may bring your own Assortment of brushes including synthetic bristle and natural bristle if desired, or a set will be provided for use
(minimum of 5 students per course. If interest is less then 5 students, course will be rescheduled & paid attendees with be offered refund or store credit)