Would someone shut those kids up!

Even as a new parent, I still mumble this all the time. Fortunately, there may be a solution. A recent article in the Town Crier tells us about Etiqueta Excellence, a new business setting up shop in the Old Wellington Mall. We checked out the Etiqueta Excellence website to see what they are all about and it looks like they offer a weekly Children’s Etiquette Class geared toward transforming your kids into classy young adults (or at least getting them closer).

Owners Tenchy Salas and Yvonne Salas are internationally recognized etiquette and protocol experts. Aside from Children’s Etiquette classes, it looks like they also cover topics which include service for adults such as business and political etiquette.

From the article:

Every week, the children will learn a different set of etiquette skills. “We can teach children to appreciate different types of foods, while putting the charm into it,” Salas said. “It’s not the same thing having a slice of pizza on a piece of paper as having it on a plate accompanied with greens. We make them appreciate doing it with class.”

The classes and workshops teach children the simplicity of practicing proper etiquette, “teaching them that it takes the same time to do it right as it does to do it wrong,” Salas said.

Well, I’ve never been through or sent a kids to etiquette school but I’d love to hear how it goes from other parents. Shoot us an email or comment below if you’ve got any experience with this.

In case you’re curious, here’s their contact info:

Etiqueta Excellence
12794 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Wellington, FL (Old Wellington Mall)
On Twitter
(561) 255-0549