The Wellington Green Market!

When most people think of the Wellington Green Market they probably think of the decadent coffee cakes or melt in your mouth cider donuts or even yummy treats for your doggie friend. I’d like to open your eyes to another side of the market.

With the beginning of fall, we are bombarded with advertisements about “Cold & Flu” season. You can’t walk into a CVS or Walgreen’s store without numerous signs and even the offer of special discounts and coupons if you get a Flu Shot. I personally never get one and never will. I rather trust in my own version of a “flu shot” which includes getting proper rest, reducing stress as much as possible, getting regular exercise and most importantly in my book…eating a clean healthy diet.

So today I’d like to share with you a few of my favorite stops at the market and give you some practical ideas to help keep you healthy all season long.

1) “Kick that Cold” – Fresh Ginger Root Tea with Honey & Lemon – The best way to kick a cold dead in its tracks is to catch it at the very first sign. Viruses multiply quickly, and if you let them get out of control, they are much harder to get ahead of. So having these ingredients on hand all the time is a good idea. And they also go great in green juice so they won’t go to waste!

Fresh Ginger Root Available at Fong Family Farm Stand

Fresh Ginger Root Available at Fong Family Farm Stand

Ingredients: Water, Fresh Ginger Root, Raw Local Honey, Organic fresh lemons.

Directions: Slice Ginger Root (skin on) and place in pot of water. Bring to boil and remove from heat. Cover and steep for 5-10 minutes. Press Ginger pieces against side of pot with a fork to express any remaining juice and strain liquid. Add to cup with a fresh squeezed organic lemon and the raw honey (be sure it’s raw and not pasteurized or it will not have all of the health benefits and only be sugar), to taste. Sip at first signs of a cold or scratchy throat.


2) “No Stress Healthy Appetizers” – Lower stress for the Holiday’s by having a pre-made delicious appetizer for your friends and family with no fuss and no muss. I love the Organic spreads at Dani’s Fun Food stand. The Olive Tapenade and artichoke spread are my favorites. They are so versatile they go on pita chips or veggies or even make a great base for pizza or salad dressings. Made from all fresh organic ingredients. Fresh organic fruit also makes a great appetizer. Yummy strawberries or a fruit salad make a light start that won’t fill you up. When strawberry season hits my friends at Holland’s Produce have the best organic strawberries around! Plus other great produce for your meal.

Holland's Produce

Holland’s Produce

With healthy appetizers like these you won’t feel so bad indulging in that piece of Pumpkin Pie!

My favorite farmers Maria & Bob  use no chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

My favorite farmers Maria & Bob
use no chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

3) “After Thanksgiving Green Juice Detox” – So you’ve over done it…too much of all those heavy, butter laden side dishes and desserts. What a great time to start fresh! Visit my favorite farmer friends Maria and Bob over at Fong Family Farm stand for some freshly picked selections that change weekly. My favorites for juicing are Cucumbers, Kale, Celery, Collards, Lemon and Ginger root. If you don’t like juice, you can also make a big light refreshing salad with fresh lettuce, kale, cucumbers, tomatoes and whatever else is looking good. Your body will be feeling energized and renewed from all that living food nutrition!


So take a visit to the Wellington Green Market on a Saturday morning between 9am-1pm. If nothing else, just walking around in the fresh air and sunshine will give you some exercise and vitamin D! I hope I was able to give you some new ideas to help keep you and your family healthy and happy this Holiday Season.

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