Cruzan Amphitheatre back to being called Coral Sky.

The venue opened in Apr 1996. Since opening, the venue has gone through many name changes. It was initially named Coral Sky Amphitheatre because the seats face into the west, often in view of a colorful sunset. After many years becoming familiar with that name, people still use that name despite the various sponsorships and name changes since then. The first sponsor was Mars Music (making the venue Mars Music Amphitheatre in January 2000) , but when Mars filed for bankruptcy in 2002, the name was removed in August 2002 and the venue reverted to its previous name until 2003. After a short return to the Coral Sky name, it changed again when Sound Advice became the new sponsor, and was renamed Sound Advice Amphitheatre on June 1, 2003. In early 2008, the venue was renamed again following a new sponsorship agreement with Cruzan Rum, becoming the Cruzan Amphiteatre in February 2008.

Live Nation said they are currently seeking a brand partner to become the new name of the venue.