Shock and Awe as Wellington Residents Wake Up to Barges in Our Canals

As part of a poorly communicated (and mis-directed) plan to clear brush from canal banks in Wellington, a series of barges were delivered last night to canals in the Sugar Pond Manor area.

It has been implied that these barges will be used to remove all trees and vegetation within 25 feet of the canal bank. This includes the removal of decades old, non-invasive species, fences (permitted, in place for decades), etc.

As affected residents, we know that The City of Wellington made little effort to communicate it’s plan as it claims that the implementation of this clearing is uncertain. It seems pretty certain to us as these barges begin to arrive.

Barges in Wellington Canals




Residents land marked with stakes which we assume marks the point past which all vegetation and fences will be murdered, errr, removed for ‘public safety’. Again, no clear answers.


If you’re affected by this or interested in knowing more we encourage to join the conversation at and to contact the local city officials responsible for putting this in place. Of course, comments open below.