Wellington Canal Clear Cutting

The Village of Wellington is pursuing a project that will clear all landscaping, fences, and vegetation within 25 feet of all canals in Wellington. This includes landscaping and fences that have provided privacy, security or that the residents enjoy and have maintained at their expense for years. In many cases, this project will remove every piece of foliage in residents’ backyards regardless of age or environmental impact. The Village is currently implementing this project as many trees have already been removed and there are many more to go.

The Village claims this is necessary in order to prevent flooding. We believe that there are other alternatives to accomplishing their goals.

Why this Project is a Bad Idea

  • Destruction of decades-old landscaping, trees, vegetation which is important to our local environment
  • Loss of privacy for you in your home
  • Loss of security for you in your home
  • Decrease in property value
  • High fiscal costs incurred to complete the project

Here’s what you can do


Sign the official petition on change.org.

Call and Email Your Local Offices Elected Officials


Press Coverage

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