By: Palm Beach County Tax Collector’s Office

Let’s be honest. If you scroll through your camera roll, you probably have a few photos snapped inside your car.

Like this:

Image 1

Or this:

Image 2

Why not take a car selfie for a good cause? The Palm Beach County Tax Collector’s Office is calling on drivers to share a photo of their favorite car passenger (when the vehicle is not in motion, of course). You can even win car safety gear.

Image 3

(Jumper cables… part of a 100 piece roadside emergency kit! And that’s not even the grand prize!)

It’s all part of the agency’s first-ever social media photo contest, called Picture It… Who Rides With You? From now through July 20, submit your photo at If you’re a Florida driver and at least 18 years old, you are eligible for one of 10 prize packs which include emergency roadside kits, universal cell phone chargers and more.

Image 4

(That’s the grand prize!)

Car selfies are fun (especially when there’s good lighting), but the idea behind the contest runs deeper. The Tax Collector’s Office is the only driver license issuing agency in Palm Beach County, and Tax Collector Anne Gannon takes driver safety seriously. She wants to encourage drivers to make smart decisions to avoid distractions.

Bottom line: there’s no place for selfies, Snapchat, social media or texting when your vehicle is in “drive.”

Image 5

Sadly, smartphone addiction is a deadly danger on the road. According to a new Common Sense Media poll, 80 percent of teens check their phone every hour and 72 percent feel compelled to respond to texts and social networking messages immediately. This is a recipe for disaster on our streets. Teens aren’t the only guilty ones, though.

Image 6

51 percent have seen their parents use their phones while driving and nearly a third of parents think they have a smartphone addiction. The Picture It… Who Rides With You? contest is a great way to remind your friends, family and neighbors to only take car selfies when the vehicle is parked (or better yet, off). Whether you’re loading up your pup for the Wellington Dog Park…

Image 7

…or you just strapped in the little one for a Food Truck Invasion at the Amphitheater…

Image 8

…this is a great opportunity to show off Wellington’s amazing families, businesses and events. Rev up your creativity and share your pic at Questions can be directed to or 561-355-2264.

Since this is a social media photo contest, you might be wondering… is the Tax Collector’s Office even on social media? Drumroll, please..

Image 9

(Thanks to Jeff H. from Royal Palm Beach for the drum set contest entry!)

Yes, we are! Connect with us at @TAXPBC on Twitter and Instagram. You can even share your contest entry with us. Just be sure to include our handle @TAXPBC and hashtag #PBCDrive.

Our Twitter account features plenty of interesting information about our service lines, tax obligations and tips to save time and money. We also share up-to-the-minute alerts about our offices. On Instagram, we showcase great destinations to drive to in Palm Beach County.

Like this:

Image 10

(Nothing beats tailgating and divot stomping!)

Think you have Florida’s best car passenger? Be sure to submit your entry by July 20th. Good luck and safe travels!

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