Casinos and Horse Racing against Irresponsible Gambling

Wellington has had a love affair with horses for as long as anyone remembers. Ever since these four legged creatures have come to ease our burdens, our relationship with this beast of burden has also evolved into a nurturing and loving relationship. Now that modern technologies present new and unique dangers for humankind, our equine friends come to the rescue. One of the most imminent addiction dangers is gambling.

Equine therapy is a relatively new concept in the field of psychological rehabilitation and the benefits are quite revolutionary. According to EverythingAddiction, equine therapy is considered to be a short-term treatment. It does not generally last for several months or years, which is an aspect many patients find appealing. Sticking to the program is essential, especially when the numbers against addiction pile up. NoGamblingAddiction reports that:

  • The United States has twice as more addicted gamblers than cancer patients.
  • Each compulsive gambler in the USA just costs the economy approximately $16,000 per year
  • Harvard research presents that 92% of 80 addicted gamblers tend to relapse.

How can Equine Therapy work?

equineEquine therapy is thought to be particularly successful in dealing with adolescents who have traditionally not responded to other forms of treatment. Patients who undergo this treatment will be required to participate in activities with their horses. In addition, learning skills required to take care of a horse give the patient self confidence and the horse, in turn, will mirror the emotions of the person taking care of it. Horses are herding animals and respond well to a good leader. This helps the patient understand that their behavior affects others.

Who else is helping?

Believe it or not, online gambling operators are at the spearhead of responsible gambling as addicted gamblers do not bring any money to the table and can be counterproductive to their goals of expanding. Having an intimate knowledge and relationship with horses and horse racing themselves, Betfair and all of its umbrella corporations promote responsible online gaming through smart and reasonable limits that players themselves can set. Limits in spending, time and even self exclusion options are available to make sure that any player does not abuse any of the games.

What else can Equine therapy do?

The American Physical Therapy Association and the American Occupational Therapy Association recognizes the therapeutic benefits of riding. According to eHow Health, the gentle repetitive motion of a horse’s walking gait moves a rider’s body in a way that approximates the human gait. This is why equine therapy is recommended for patients with cerebral palsy and down syndrome.

So the next time you saddle up, you can give your horse a gentle pat as a thank you for its services both in and out of paddock.